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Work From Home Typing Jobs

Searching for online work or money making opportunities can be a difficult task. If you have internet and access to a computer you can do work from home typing jobs. There’s many different writing jobs that can be done but the important thing is that you can do these from home or remotely and get paid for it. 

Some of these sites have you write a test essay to see if you’re up to their standards. Some of these are freelance work from home jobs with a benefit for you besides getting paid –  write a guest blog for some of their clients which will get you exposure for your blog if you have one.

If you want to work remotely or are an expert at social media marketing many people need to hire writers for their website content. Many of us who want to work from home and don’t like the traditional 9 to 5 work day try to find legitimate home based work. These are a few of the work from home typing jobs websites.

Here’s a list of some legitimate work from home writing jobs

Fiverr– many different types of home writing jobs. You can get paid to write blog content, resumes, design logos, illustrations and songwriting. Set your own prices but you’re also competing with others who are on Fiverr. You can withdraw via PayPal 14 days after work is completed.

Scripted – will pay you to write website content, blog posts, email newsletter, product descriptions and video scripts. You set your own prices and get paid 5 days after content is accepted. Some assignments will have you talking to businesses directly for ideas and direction.

Crowdcontent – website content creation, product descriptions, blog posts, tweets and facebook posts. Get paid from 2.2 to 12 cents for word. Get paid every Tuesday and Friday.

Peopleperhour – home freelance writing jobs. Businesses post projects they need content for and you submit a quote for that particular project. Once a client approves your work you get paid.

Freelancer – this is a another one that you bid on projects to win. Jobs are paid by the hour or project. In addition to article writing, data entry and product descriptions, Freelancer has jobs for website design, graphic design and many other technical internet work.

Guru – you can do website development, SEO writing, ghost writing, powerpoint and web design among others. Payment can be either hourly or by project. Payment is by PayPal, bank account or wire transfer.

OnlineWritingJobs – this site only accepts those in the United States. They are looking for SEO content writers, copywriters, bloggers and subject matter experts. This website wants you to submit a writing sample but will pay you $10 They pay weekly with PayPal or check.

HireWriters – article writing. Get paid weekly up to $20 per article depending on length. There is also potential for bonus from clients if they think you’ve done a good job. You can also do other types of jobs like proofreading, research, ideas and rewrites of other articles.

Red Tricycle – website that is parenting centered. Network of 20 million parents. They will pay you $50 when your contribution reaches 25,000 unique page views, which is not much but they do post your byline which results in exposure to you and your website.

Writer Access – another one that you can bid on clients projects and set your own price. You can get paid more if your quality is better.

We’ll update this list periodically as these types of income streams seem to be popping up all the time.

Most of these websites are the middle man between writer and client needing the service. But they’re all legitimate work from home writing opportunities that you can do either full time or part time. So if you find yourself wanting to stay at home at work or wanting to make a little extra money these would be perfect when you have a little down time.

If you are familiar with any others or have experience working for or using them for your own business I’d love to hear you comments below.

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